My Intial Revised Class Post


If you’ve written a book, check out these tips for making it known!


Greetings! I thought that I would present the next few blogs about social media in general and how authors such as I can use social media to promote their books. This will fulfill a requirement for one of my online classes in social media marketing. I have learned so much in this class already, that I am now feeling much more comfortable on Social Media, and feel that if I use it properly, it will be a big help once my book is published!


For those who may be reading this and not know what social media is, it is almost anything online. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Tinder, Snapchat, Tumbler, and a plethora of other sites that allow you to get online socially with others of similar interests are bundled together as Social Media. As an author, it is helpful to set up a Facebook page, where readers can learn about newly published books, where to find you at speaking engagements, and even interact with you to bounce ideas for future books off their readers; submit example chapters of their latest book, or even create an online book club for members to join.

All of these things are just the tip of the iceberg for new authors such as me. I am narrowing the huge world of social media down to only two for the sake of this blog: Facebook and Twitter. I will try to show you the importance of each of these social media outlets in order to explain the ways each of them can work to an author’s benefit.


The first rule of social media engagement is to make yourself known. The public will not buy your books unless they see them or hear about them. However, I am a little shy about self-publicizing my book, as are many new authors. I am sure that I might sell more books if I were to go around shouting, “Buy my book!” but I doubt the number sold would be substantionally more than if I were to leave it up to chance.

Social Media exists in every facet of our lives. As a consumer, each of us has the opportunity to research every product that we intend to purchase, use, or wear. All of this information is literally at our fingertips, and is available to us as consumers to use as we see fit, and that includes researching products for our own use, as well as to discover how that information can be utilized to the best of our abilities in whichever way we see fit.


Through Facebook, a new author may find readers for his/her work or even get ideas for future pieces. Likewise, a new author should use Social Media as an outlet to promote their brand. Many people don’t even consider their writing as a brand, but every author should consider each thing they write as a part of the brand, and consider publicizing their brand in such a way that it becomes synonymous with the platforms, name, and causes the author has chosen to be a part of their brand. Authors, like companies, should have a discernible logo that is attached to their brand, and is prominently displayed where ever their books are sold. This can be as simple as an initial in a certain font, to designs procured by a graphic artist. Below is an article explaining the benefits of personal branding.

Twitter is an online social networking service that allows users to send and read short, 140 character messages with other users across the globe. Twitter users exchange messages or tweets with one another concerning life events and business ideals in a wide range of topics. One source estimates that there are approximately 302 million active Twitter users to date. You can only imagine what getting your brand and your book into one of these users might have on your following! My message is to tweet, and tweet often, but always remember to put some valuable information into your tweets. Make your tweets worthy of your fellow user’s time. Your tweets don’t necessarily need to be about your book topic every time, and they shouldn’t be! However, keep your book‘s title in the conversation to keep it in the potential customer’s minds!


Suffice it to say that your name on a book alone will not sell itself. That’s why personal branding is important for every author to claim, because without the brand, your book is distinguishable from the next only by your name on the spine. This is fine if you are still a pre-adolescent wandering around a public library. However, like many new authors, I imagine that your dreams are a bit higher than just seeing your name on the spine of a book. If that is the case, I suggest you take my suggestions and make them your own, on your way to creating your personal brand.

There is method to the social media madness, and I am linking to another website which will explain more fully the art of creating a presence on Social Media:

Thanks for reading, and please come back for more social media insights. If this information was helpful to you, please leave a comment in my blog~ Nancy




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