About Adaptively Written

I will use this blog to post my musings on life, my relationship with God,and the daily struggles I deal with being a Multiple Sclerosis patient for 29 years, and a two-time  Breast Cancer survivor. I also consider myself an author as I have written my first book and it is currently in the progress of being published. I definitely will have more information on that as it nears.

Right now I am awaiting the onset of Radiation treatments for my second bout of Breast Cancer, as well as the results of a test my Oncologist sent my breast tissues for to let us know if Chemotherapy or even a double mastectomy would be better! At this point, just knowing that there could be some remaining cancer cells running loose in my body, is enough to make me want my breasts removed now! I will be posting the progress of my treatments here on Adaptively Written. Until next time, God is so Good!

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