Future Implications

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Tools to look within
Greater focus on personality
Incorporation of multimedia content
More fluidity of content
Decision-making power from data

In an article for Inc. I found these 5 predictions on the future of social media, and I found them to be insightful as well as astonishingly accurate. I will summarize the article here:

According to Agrawal (Agr2015), the year of 2016 will be year that the number of social media users will top in excess of 2 billion people. Social networks are growing at an exponential rate as well as the technology involved. Agrawal (2015) also suggested that there are five hints that suggested how the shape of social media will affect us all.

  1. Tools to look within

The author’s first hint at the future of social media he called Tools to look within. He states that “With the growing influx of social media followers, more users are resorting to features such as “follow” on Facebook to limit the amount of people on timelines, or in the case of Twitter, “lists.””

  1. Greater focus on personality.

In 2016, social media sites will concentrate more on the procedure of onboarding, which means they will be focused on making each user a more complete profile. All of this will lend a hand toward keeping the user more attentive and involved on our social media platforms, but at the same time it will give marketers more time to modify their ads to a more sophisticated customer who is more in tune with the message.

  1. Incorporation of multimedia content.

Social media is changing how we do business, marketing and sales with the perpetual improvement of social ads and open graph searches such as search.twitter.com. Facebook will be better able to learn more about their users for ad targeting. Social selling via native ads and open searches on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin will be the new trend as these platforms grow in 2016. Community management and customer service will move to be more social as it’s a cost effective way to handle questions, support issues and enchant customers with high transparency into your organization.


Retrieved from http://blog.jimdo.com/how-to-find-and-use-free-website-icons/

  1. More fluidity of content

In 2016, the focus will be on mobile devices more than ever before. Companies in 2016 will need to make sure that you are on the platforms you need to be on and also make sure you are learning how to communicate well on those apps. One example of how the social media is expanding in the news industry is demonstrated by Fresco News Inc. This news service encourages people to use their cell phones, and other electronic devices to assist by gaining live video and pictures that will prompt the company to develop a new story.

Retrieved from: https://fresconews.com/account

  1. Decision-making power from data.

More users can only mean more prospects for businesses to get pertinent data regarding their customers more quickly.  The opportunities are endless for large companies to stay linked to their customers, as well smaller businesses and even nonprofits can benefit from the information provided by contacts in the field.


Retrieved from https://youtube/LNGn0gmsjFA


Social media is changing the ways we do many things. We are going from a world of simply instagramming pictures of our meals, tweeting about our cats, andfacebooking about our lives, to construing that information to create more influential and customizable messages. This wave will transform the way we think of social media, and hopefully make an impression in the world for the better. Based upon the technology shifts and the expansion of social media usage the landscape the news industry such as: Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and other local news channels will be among the largest industry affected by these changes. The speed and point at which news stories break will most likely be the most impactful changes.

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