Good news that comes with a warning

Well, Steve and I spent the day yesterday at UAMS in Little Rock. I had 3 separate appointments. At 8:30, I was scheduled for a bone density scan, 9:30 blood work, and 11:00 a follow-up with my oncologist. The first two were fairly quick, In and out in minutes. However, Dr. Makhaoul’s office was slammed, with every seat in the waiting room occupied. Despite this fact, Dr. Makhoul spent several minutes with us answering questions, conversing, etc. and I did not in the least feel rushed.

The first bit of news he gave was the overwhelmingly good news that the results of the further testing of my breast tissue would not require chemotherapy in addition to radiation!! Until I heard the words coming from his mouth, I didn’t realize how heavily this had been weighing on my mind. I had him repeat the news several times to make sure the full effect of the words would sink into my brain. The next thing he told me wasn’t as good: my bone density is -4.78. That is very bad. In fact, he said it was the lowest he had ever seen. This will require daily changes to my routine, such as standing on the lift for longer periods of time and increasing my calcium intake at every chance I get. The other not so good news was that he didn’t want me to start taking the pill that will suppress my estrogen until my bone density is higher. Which means that radiation treatments won’t start for at least 3 weeks. I was hoping to start them sooner rather than later, but medicine doesn’t always take into consideration the patient’s plans!

I am at peace with this decision, as well as drinking lots of milk, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurts! I tried to convince Steve that milk chocolate is also a good source of calcium, but he saw through me =). Oh, well, I prefer dark chocolate anyway! I had better close this for today, I see a big glass of soy milk just waiting for me!

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