I’m busier than I thought…

Okay, so I don’t have as much time to sit around and post blogs as I originally thought! It is only my third day to post, but I began this 4 days ago! Where does my time go? I read for my class, blog, watch the news, and the Voice on television, I’ve been finalizing my book project, beginning to tweet with Twitter, spend time with Sloan and Steve, and that’s about it! So I am going to continue with my gratitude journal now.

Today I am grateful for my husband taking good care of me! All I have to do is mention something that I want and it’s there! He fixes me breakfast in bed most days, anything from eggs, turkey bacon, and toast, to oatmeal, bagel, and a breakfast sandwich! He is too good to me. He takes the time to ask about my schoolwork, take care of the animals, laundry, kitchen, and the vehicles, my medical appointments, and dozens of other things on his never-ending list of chores.

My mother in law and her husband are coming this weekend for 2 or 3 days. It’s always a pleasure when they visit, but it always ends too quickly. The house is a mess as usual, but Steve says his mom doesn’t come here to see our home but she comes to see us! I know that I should relax about it and simply visit, but I can’t!

I know that I should be thankful for the mess our house seems to be continually in, because it means we have too much junk lying around. So we must have had the money for it too, right? The fact that there are piles of clothes to be folded means we have plenty of clothes to wear. The fact that there are dirty dishes means that we have food to eat! The fact that I have an abundance of dust in the house reminds me that we live in the country, where I’ve always wanted to live!

So I will end this blog post now and begin cleaning with a grateful heart. God is Good.

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